Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still at it

I worked most of the weekend, but got in some workouts during that time. Friday night, I did an upper body lifting session.

Saturday morning was kind of rough, because I had to bail on a planned run with my wife. Since I hurt my knee a bit while skiing in March and my back a few weeks ago while lifting, my stride has really been off, and running has been painful. I have an appointment to see the chiropractor in just under two weeks, which should help a lot.

After the aborted run, I ended up working the rest of the day on Saturday and most of Sunday.

I got in a great lifting session last night, and I'm going to try an easy run again tonight.

If I can just make some progress - any progress at all - in May, when work eases off in June, I'll hopefully be able to start putting in some more training time.

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