Saturday, May 22, 2010

Work deadlines

I'm starting to get really worried about now. I have nine days left to finish a huge project that I've been working on every single day for months. If I don't finish on time, my company will not be able to do the processing that we normally do on a daily basis to support doctors and patients.

My new database for the project has essentially been out of commission all week and my progress has been very limited. I don't mind working all of these hours if I'm making progress, but sitting at a terminal for hour after hour with no progress doesn't help anyone, especially my mental state.

Right now, I appear to be on an infinite hold with waiting for a support representative. I bet I can write this entire post before I talk to a human.

At 4:00 today, I will stop working, for a while at least, to go for a (I didn't finish the post before the phone got answered and very nice man just fixed my database - kudos to for excellent support the past few days) bike ride. I'll probably ride about 20 miles later.

Tomorrow, yes, I'll be working, but my wife and I are planning an afternoon run. Bit by bit, on the work and the exercise and the diet. In a few days, my wife and daughter will leave town for a week or so. My son is fairly self sufficient, so I should be able to work as many hours as I can tolerate next week. Hopefully, I'll get in some good workouts too.

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