Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two good days

Sunday was a beautiful day and I quit working about 1:00. I just had to get out for a bike ride. It was my first ride of the season and it was really windy, so I took it fairly easy, covering 16 miles in just under 70 minutes.

Yesterday, I could feel some residual effects from the ride, but I wasn't really sore. At 5:00 yesterday, I had a long-running database import going on at work. Watching its progress was a waste of time, so I headed out for a run. I explored a trail system called Centennial Woods in Burlington, VT. I only ran on a few of the trails, but they were fairly nice. I'm definitely going back there to run some more. After about 40 minutes of easy effort on the trails, I returned to where my car was parked - right beside a football field. I did six goalpost-to-goalpost sprints, resting for about a minute between each.

After that, I returned to work and found that my database work had finished. It was still late when I got home, but not as bad as some recent nights. And, I'd gotten in a good workout.

Today, I'm going to see my chiropractor. Ever since I tweaked my back lifting about 6 weeks ago, everything has been messed up when lifting and running. Yesterday, my back hurt, my left hip hurt, my right foot hurt, and things just weren't easy. On sprints, I actually feel better than when I'm on hills of any sort. I wanted to see the chiropractor a few weeks ago, but he was booked full. So, today is the day, and I guess I'm going to be seeing him regularly for a while.

After I see the doc, I'm going to to an upper body lifting workout, giving the legs a rest today.

Also, my focus on Primal eating continues to go well. Last night, I had a shrimp curry with lots of vegetables and a salad. No rice. Lunch was a salad. Of course, the two beers after dinner weren't primal, so I'm not completely there.

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