Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another good day

I got out of work pretty early yesterday, at least compared to my recent workdays. I headed straight to the gym for a 2x20 workout. Recently, most of my lifting has been heavier weights, done in 5x5 type of sets. For a few lifts that I had "abandoned" for a while, I've been doing 2x10 until I get used to them again.

But last night, I wanted to change things around, and a 2x20 workout is not only fast, but it's hard and leaves me soaked with sweat. I take a one minute break between sets and for every lift, I was doing less than half of my 1-rep max. I checked an online calculator, and the appropriate weight to use for 20 reps was listed as 47% of 1-rep max, and I was pretty close to that.

These were the lifts I did:

Bench press, barbell row superset
DB Bicep curl, bench dip superset

I was wiped out after this one. But, I still had some tough work to do. I've been lazy about mowing my lawn this year so far. Meaning, it hasn't been mowed yet. It snowed a couple days ago, so I haven't seen the hurry. But now, the grass is tall and mowing was overdue. So, after getting home from the gym, I pulled out the mower. Regretfully, my tractor died late last summer, so I only have an "old school" mower right now. It's gasoline powered, but it's way underpowered for how high the grass is at the moment. The mower kept stalling on me when the exit chute would get clogged with grass. I must have cleaned the exit chute and re-started the mower 50 times in about 90 minutes. Finally, I couldn't take it any more and I headed inside to cook dinner. I still have a lot of mowing to do though.

For dinner, I grilled Alaskan sockeye salmon (I still have a couple packages left from a big purchase last June) and baby bok choy. I seasoned both of them with a soy-sauce based glaze that I threw together. And I made a very simple salad of mizuna tossed with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. The whole thing was very simple and fast and pretty tasty.

Tonight, I'm planning to do some sprints when I get home, if I ever get out of the office.

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