Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Run

This the run course that my wife and I did yesterday afternoon. I was working downtown, and she wanted more miles than I did, so she ran 4+ miles to meet me where I was working.

We started off with a little loop in town so I could warm up and then headed for some steep trails for a while. We spent a couple miles on those trails and eventually came to a dirt road. My wife voted for a right turn, but I insisted that we needed to go left. She listened to me and within 5 minutes, we knew where we were. A quick look at the map later showed a dead end if we'd gone to the right.

After climbing so much on the trails, we had an easy downhill cruise on the dirt road back to civilization. After we hit pavement, we did almost 3 more miles to finish up the run. It was hot, but it was an enjoyable run with my wife.

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