Saturday, May 15, 2010

Consistently inconsistent

I was on a roll there for a bit. And then life interfered again. I ended up working until 10:00 on Thursday night. No workout. I was back at it very early yesterday (Friday) and I was just exhausted all day. When I went home, rather than do a workout, I took a nap. And just like that, I'd missed two workouts.

I'm working again today, and the weather sucks right now anyway, but it's supposed to get nicer this afternoon. So, I'm hoping to go for a run with my wife before dinner tonight. And then, if tomorrow's forecast is correct, I might finally get my road bike out on the roads tomorrow. But, I have to finish mowing the lawn too. Yuck.

I'm sort of stuck right now with the household chores. I'm working too many hours to get some of the things done that I'd like to do. But, I'm not quite into that income bracket where I can pay others to do them for me. Obviously, I either need to work less or make more money - neither of which seems likely in the current economy.

Back to work...

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