Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday, I was freaking out about work stuff. And then, after some help from our hosting company, things started to fall together. I have 8 days until a huge deadline and I'll continue to work every day, but suddenly, it all looks good. Thirty hours ago, I was really getting scared.

After work yesterday, I did an 18 mile hilly ride on my road bike. It was pure fun - there's no other way to describe it. No pressure, no hurry, but I worked on the hills. That is what a workout should be - fun and hard.

Today, after I finished working, my wife and I ran a combo of new trails and familiar roads for 100 minutes. This was after she'd done a four mile warm-up. She has two weeks until a half marathon and she's in good shape. I need to download my Garmin data to get a good map of what we did today.

I might be running a half marathon in the Vermont City Marathon - Relay Division next Sunday. After today, I know I can finish it, but it won't be fun or pretty.

However, this has been a good week - five good workouts, work is moving along, the weather is beautiful, etc. Everything has been fine except for hockey. The Sharks just suck. There, I said it. I had season tickets in their early days, and I keep hoping they'll actually have some playoffs to match their regular season someday. This isn't the year.

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