Monday, May 31, 2010


My huge work project of the past three months is essentially done. There are a few details to wrap up, but I believe that I've successfully moved the application to a new set of servers. This was one of the most demanding technical projects I've ever done, and I did it with very limited help. It was all up to me (almost).

Friday night, I left work a little bit early. I had turned off the old system and my plan was to let the system be idle for the weekend, which is a luxury that not many computer-based service providers have. I met some friends at the pre-race expo for the Vermont City Marathon. A good friend who ran a PR at Boston last month had decided that she didn't want to run the race. She was registered as part of a two-person relay team, and we transferred her running slot to me.

Then, we went out for a couple drinks. I think I must have been letting off some steam from the pressures at work recently. I had a completely free evening - my wife and daughter were out of town, my son was at a friend's house, and the dogs were all set. I ended up staying out later that I planned and I ended up getting a hotel room in Burlington for the night. With the marathoners in town, the room was expensive, but not driving was certainly the right thing to do.

Saturday morning, I came home and worked for most of the day. That way, I'd be free to run the 1/2 marathon and then hang out with friends yesterday. Plus, my wife and daughter were flying home from Tennessee, so they could meet me right after the race.

I hadn't run 13 miles since pacing duties at the Vermont 100 last July. My hamstring handled the run just fine, but my fitness isn't there. What is there is a bunch of extra pounds I've added since last fall, when I started working so many hours every week. So, let's just say that I finished. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't fast, but I finished. After the race, we spent some time with friends and then killed some time until a fairly new restaurant opened for dinner. We got there early enough to get a table and had a great meal, although it took a long time for the food to arrive. Then, my son drove us home and everyone got some much-needed sleep.

Today, I turned on my work application at its new location, and it seems to be fine at the moment. I think I can call it a day and maybe do some mowing or go for a swim. Or maybe, I'll just take a nap. Like my good friend Jim, I'm old and falling apart and maybe I just need some more sleep.

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