Friday, August 28, 2009

PRP update

I heard from the clinic today, and they managed to secure the people and a procedure room at the hospital to do the PRP. It's now scheduled for 9/9. So, instead of being 3 days away, it's 12 days away. I don't even care right now that the whole thing is going to hurt. I just want to get it done so I can move on, and hopefully get back to tougher training.

My back seems fine today, which is typical of when I've tweaked it this way in the past. If I rest for 3-4 days, everything seems to return to normal. I'm going to do an upper body lifting session tonight as long as it's pain free. On Monday morning, when I do a lower body lifting session, I'll be very careful in my warm-up.

This weekend, if the weather holds, I'll run on Saturday and ride my bike on Sunday. I might be able to keep up with my wife on the run tomorrow. She ran a 5 mile race last night, running in the low 47s on a tough course. She was a minute faster than her last 5 miler and this week was a tougher course. He running is really improving right now, so I need to get healthy before she refuses to train with me because I'm too slow.

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David Ray said...

Good on your wife! I'm hoping you get back to doing what you love (whatever that is) after this whole mess.

Oh and congrats on the new guitar too. I've always wanted to play but never made the commitment.