Saturday, June 28, 2008

The first few miles of the course

I went out to Squaw Valley this afternoon and did the climb to Emigrant Pass. The smoke in the distance was pretty thick, especially at lower elevations. Regretfully, as we all know, I couldn't drop into the Granite Chief Wilderness and continue on the course. Instead, I turned around and ran back down to the base lodge at Squaw Valley. I got some lunch, met my family, did some shopping with my wife, and then went swimming with the kids.

There were a lot of runners on the first few miles of the course this morning - both going up and going down as did my hike/run. My time to the top today was 5 minutes faster than it was in the race 3 years ago and I didn't feel the elevation at all. Regretfully, feeling good like that just makes everything a bit harder to take.

As we were swimming a while ago, I found myself playing "where-would-I-be-now" again.

But soon, we'll be having a nice dinner at Wolfdale's and some nice wine will help to get rid of those thoughts about the race.

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