Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Workouts - just as planned

Last night, I ran 8 miles, with 6 x 2 minute intervals, just as planned. I did a 15 minute warm-up, then ran hard for 2 minutes and recovered for 3, repeat. I did a few very slow miles after the intervals and my total time was 73 minutes.

This morning, I did incline dumbbell presses, three point dumbbell rows, push-ups, cable rows, lunges, lat pulldowns and squat presses before 20 minutes of stair climber intervals. For intervals this morning, I did 40 seconds on/80 seconds off, times 6. For the first time ever, I had the stair climber at its max setting during the intervals.

My shirt felt like it was holding 5 pounds of sweat by the end of the workout.

Tonight, I'll run an easy 4 miles with my dogs.

This weekend, I'm going to get some good heat training, finally, although it will also include some east coast humidity as well. I can't imagine how tough the Old Dominion 100 miler will be this weekend with temps near 100F and very high humidity readings. I was thinking about maybe racing somewhere on Saturday, perhaps a road race in the 10K-1/2 marathon range, but I think I'll pass on that in the heat and humidity.

I think I'm going to install our air conditioners tonight. We don't use them all that often in Vermont, but they'll get used this weekend.

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