Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Change in the weather

The past few days have been very humid and hot. Yesterday, parts of Vermont got hit hard by thunderstorms as a cold front pushed into the region. We had a quick afternoon shower but it was sunny when I got home from work. My wife was out for a book club dinner, I'm tapering, and I had a free evening. Because the afternoon storm had been so short, I performed the exciting task of mowing the lawn. I finished just before the next round of thunderstorms showed up. Around 9:00, a severe band of storms came through, and both kids came into our bedroom to "hide" from the storms in our air conditioned room. I dozed off and then woke up and realized we had four people and one dog sleeping on my bed.

Eventually, my wife got the kids off to bed and the storms let up. The weather today is beautiful - cooler, no humidity, beautiful sunshine.

I lifted this morning and did stair climber intervals. Tonight, I'll run an easy 4 miles. Tomorrow, I'll sleep in and then do 8 miles after work, with 2 tempo miles.

I'm trying to really focus on getting lots of quality sleep right now. I had forgotten some of the more fun aspects of tapering - free time, more sleep, not wiped out all the time, etc.

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