Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend heat

I was out of town all weekend, visiting my mother in PA. I got in a 2 hour run on Saturday. I deliberately ran later than I would have preferred, so I'd get the full effect of the heat and humidity. It was 80F when I started and 93F two hours later. I felt OK for the first 80 minutes or so, and then the heat started to affect me a bit.

The heat here on the east coast is very different than what we'll hit at WS. At WS, the humidity will be low enough that the sweat will evaporate quickly. For me, this can actually be a bad thing. The cooling effect is good, but I often don't realize how much water I'm losing, which can lead to dehydration. On Saturday, I was soaked the entire run, so I was carrying enough water in my shirt to remind me to keep drinking.

Yesterday was a rest day as we drove home from PA - all day in the car.

This morning, I lifted and did stair climber intervals. Right now, it's 97F outside, so I'll run in the heat after work, unless the thunderstorms get here first. This heat will be great training for the race, as long as I can run in between the storms. I doubt that my lazy dogs will want to run in this heat.

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