Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ten Days

Ten days until showtime.

So, after my complaints about airlines and TSA a couple days ago, I called United Airlines yesterday. There was a note on my itinerary online, asking me to call to verify that I knew about the schedule change. While I was on the phone, I mentioned to the woman that I was unhappy about my flight being changed from 2 hops to 3, especially taking me through Chicago and Denver in the same day. She told me she'd look around and then informed me that there are no longer any 2-hop routes from Vermont to Oakland. I then mentioned that Oakland wasn't really my preferred airport anyway - I'd rather go to San Francisco or San Jose. Very quickly, she found alternate flights with a single stop, got permission from a supervisor, and changed our flights for no extra cost. While she was getting permission, I checked car rental prices at San Francisco and they were the same as Oakland, so I re-booked my car while she re-booked the flight.

Now I have to hope that our new flights are on time.

This morning was weights and stair climber intervals. I did incline DB presses, 3-point DB rows, Swiss ball push-ups, cable rows, lunges, squat presses and mixed-grip lat pulldowns. I did anywhere from 3 sets (the first two lifts) to 11 sets (squat presses) of each lift. Then, I did 6 x 40 second intervals on the stair climber. That's it for today's workout.

My wife got a tattoo last night. She had been talking about it for a few years, and last Christmas, I got her a gift certificate from a local tattoo shop. In the past year or so, she's lost a lot of weight and gotten herself into really great shape. She's the lightest and fittest she's been in the 28 years I've known her. She's fit enough that she bought a bikini this spring. She hasn't owned a bikini since I've known her. So, she decided she was ready for her tattoo.

She went to have it done last week, and within seconds of starting, she passed out from the pain. It really caught her off guard. This time, I went along for support, and she also followed some advice about being sure to eat some food just before she got there. It looked painful, but she got it done. She chose to have the rose from the Dead's American Beauty album tattooed on her upper back:

I think running 100 miles will hurt less than getting a tattoo.

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