Sunday, June 15, 2008

Time to kill - random thoughts

Yesterday morning, I ran an easy 10+ miler in the morning. I ran the flat miles at about a 9:20 pace - nice and easy. The run felt almost effortless. I spent the rest of the day catching up on work around the house - going to the dump to get rid of recycling materials, the redemption center to get rid of returnable bottles, the supermarket, etc. I installed a new 3-way light switch - my mental challenge for the day.

I hooked up a new stereo receiver that I bought for my son as an early 15th birthday present (we'll be in CA on his birthday). He's really gotten into music in the past year and he's been buying a lot of CDs. I gave him some old speakers and and an old CD player, so he now has a decent music set-up in his bedroom. I may never see him again, except when he wants a ride somewhere.

Late in the day, we got hit by some thunderstorms and torrential rains. I'm sure the people running the Pittsfield Peaks 53 miler will have some great stories to tell. I was inside during the storms, drinking a margarita and hanging out with my kids. We were hoping that my wife finished her climbing day in the Adirondacks before the rains hit there.

Today is a rest day and I'll spend most of the day doing computer work for my second job - testing some software that I've been writing. It's still wet and gray outside - a good day for hanging out inside and taking it easy.

My run yesterday put me at 1009 miles for the year. WS will be my 10th 100 mile start. This will only be the third time that my total miles for the six months before the race has exceeded 1000 miles. The other two times that happened were when I ran (and finished) Wasatch and Hardrock.

My weight yesterday was 181.6 - not quite to my goal of 180 pounds. But, in my previous 100 milers, I've started only Hardrock at a lower weight and I've never started a 100 at a lower body fat percentage than where I am right now.

Given the fact that I'm tapering, even though I'm being pretty careful about what I eat (yesterday's margaritas excepted), I doubt that my weight will drop any more between now and the race. So, I'll probably miss my goal of making it to 180 for the race, but I should weigh in lower than I did in 2005, when I was at 187.

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David Ray said...

I've got a question that may not need to be answered at this point. So ignore at will.

With so much focus on the 100 miler, are you planning for after the race? Maybe a next race or training schedule? Just curious.