Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Toys

I've had a new ultra toy for a while, but I somehow forgot to mention it here.

For running at night, I've been using a BD Zenix headlamp and a Gerber handheld light. Both are quite nice for what they do. My only complaint has been the size and the weight of the Gerber handheld. Over numerous hours on the trail, it just seems to get heavier and heavier and more cumbersome to use.

So, all spring, I had been thinking about the Fenix lights that ZombieRunner sells. I talked by e-mail with Don at ZR, and eventually decided on the P3D Premium Q5. It runs of CR123 camera batteries, which is both good and bad. Those batteries are very light, but they are expensive. What is amazing is how small and compact the light is. At its brightest setting, it's way, way brighter than my Gerber light, but the battery light is under 2 hours at that setting.

At the same brightness setting as my current Gerber light, and with a much whiter light, one set of batteries will go all night long in a race. I will certainly carry a back-up set of batteries, but I think the Gerber is about to become a flashlight for home improvement work rather than ultras. Or perhaps, my crew will enjoy using it during races.

I also got an "Original Buff" (see review here) to use as an ice holder at WS. It will be easy to soak this hat and fill it with ice at the aid stations to keep my head cool.

Yes, I continue to be a gear junkie.

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