Friday, June 13, 2008

Double workout days

I work out twice a day quite often. On days that I lift, I lift in the mornings, and I'll often run after work. On other work days, I sometimes run in the morning and again in the evening, often running to and from work.

On Wednesday, I lifted in the morning and did an easy run that night. I realized this morning that I won't be working out twice in a day for a while, which feels kind of nice. My evenings are suddenly a lot more relaxed.

Yesterday, my only workout was an 8 mile run with two tempo miles in the middle. I was a bit disappointed by my time, which was slower than last week, but yesterday's terrain was rolling and last week was flat. This morning, I lifted and did more stair climber intervals.

Every workout for the past five days has included some kind of intensity, but the total time at a higher level of effort hasn't been that high. Monday, was 4 minutes of stair climber intervals (out of 20 total minutes), Tuesday was 14 minutes of hard running, Wednesday was 6 minutes of stair climber intervals, yesterday was 14 minutes of moderately hard running, and this morning, just 4 more minutes. That's only 42 minutes of hard effort for the week - enough to hopefully help with my efficiency, but not enough to lead to injury.

Tomorrow, I'll do an easy but hilly 10 miler. Sunday will be a rest day. Next week, I'll lift three times and run 3 times. Each run will be about 8 miles, with intervals one day, tempo another and easy hills the third.

After that, I'll essentially "coast" into the race on the 28th.

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