Monday, June 2, 2008

I see sick people

In the next 3+ weeks, my biggest fear will be getting sick. The volume of training that I've done recently most likely has left my immune system at less than 100%. A week before the race, I will spend an entire day in airplanes and airports, probably coming into contact will all sorts of nasty germs and viruses.

Right now, I'm almost paranoid about getting sick for the race. If it happened right now, I'd be able to recover for the race, but of course, I'd rather not be sick.

Last Friday, one of my co-workers came into my office to ask a question and she also mentioned that she has a cold. On Saturday, one of the runners in our group was sick. This morning, at the gym, one of my daughter's friends was hanging out. Her dad was working out and she was there because she was too sick to go to school today, so she was going to work with her dad (her dad owns his own local business). Sick people are everywhere!

This morning's workout was squats, Romanian deadlifts, Swiss ball crunches, step-ups and kettlebell swings, followed by stair climber intervals. Tonight, I'll run an easy 4 miles before I head out to see a concert at a local club.

I'm going to see Dark Star Orchestra, a Grateful Dead cover band that I've seen many times. DSO re-creates entire Dead shows, including the arrangements as they were played in the original shows. They're always fun to see and it's fun to try to guess the date of the actual show they play. At the end of the show, they always announce what show they've duplicated, and I've often been within a couple months in my guess of the re-created show date. After they announce the date of the show, they usually play a couple extra songs as well. The downside to seeing them is that the show won't end until after 1:00 a.m. and I'll have an hour drive to get home after the show. I'm too old to stay up that late any more, and the only times I seem to stay awake until after midnight are for ultras or DSO shows.

On a completely unrelated note, Saturday night, my wife and I drank a bottle of 1985 Chateau Meyney. It was our last bottle of 1985 Bordeaux and it was pretty amazing. I paid $11.85 for the bottle in 1989 and we had never tasted it. After tasting it on Saturday, I wish I'd bought a case at that ridiculously low price. Meyney is owned by the Cordier family and all of their properties in Bordeaux make solid wines. I've still got a fair number of Cordier wines from 1986 and 1989, including more Chateau Meyney, and I'm looking forward to drinking them in the future.

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