Tuesday, July 1, 2008

If vacation lasts much longer...

I'm gonna need a new wardrobe, size XXXXXXL.

I ran at Rancho San Antonio again yesterday - slower than last week. Then we went to Taqueria La Bamba - the best burrito place I've ever visited. The burritos are amazing - especially the carnitas, but they are big. It had been at least a dozen years since my last burrito there, but nothing has changed about the place.

Later, we spent some time shopping in a newer shopping area in San Jose, and then we went to a wine tasting. After that, dinner with friends and some swimming.

Today, I slept in while my wife ran at Rancho San Antonio. Then, we went to lunch and then a wine tasting at Vin, Vino, Wine in Palo Alto. VVW is two doors down from the new Zombie Runner storefront, but it looks like the Zombie store isn't open yet. From the wine tasting (amazing Chablis from 2003-2006), we went to visit a running friend and his family. We went swimming for a while and then had dinner at a small Mexican restaurant.

No exercise today. I'm stuffed.

Tomorrow morning, I'm planning 10 miles at Rancho San Antonio. Tomorrow night is dinner at Theo's Restaurant in Soquel - a great restaurant co-owned by a friend of mine.

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Jamie said...

Sounds like good times out in California!