Thursday, July 17, 2008


I haven't run 3 days in a row in over a month. My weight has crept back up a few pounds. This morning, I turned off the alarm clock and didn't run before work. I always claim that I'm truly a lazy person who is just a couple bad decisions away from being obese and inactive. Lately, I've just felt really lazy.

Mostly, I think it's a letdown from Western States. I invested so much mental and physical energy into preparing for that race and then the race got cancelled. Even though I've come up with a new set of goals, my efforts have been half-hearted at best.

Hopefully, spending this coming weekend at the VT100 with other runners and friends will get me focused on training and eating well again.

I could run tonight, I suppose, but I'm going to go out for a couple beers with friends instead.

I'll get back to doing things right tomorrow. Or maybe Saturday.

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David Ray said...

Taking a mental break is understandable after the WS thing. Enjoy the VT and you'll be right back in sync.