Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lifting today

I took it very easy at the gym today. I did deadlifts, step-ups, DB shoulder presses, reverse crunches and lat pulldowns. I deliberately kept the weight low on all of the lifts, especially the deads. Hopefully, I'll feel just fine tomorrow.

My son tried a different workout today that I've done before - a 500 total rep bodyweight workout. I think he thought it would be easy, but it worked him over pretty good. Hopefully, he won't end up sore and trashed like he was last week.

I really need to get back to training harder, but I also have to be ready to push hard while pacing on Saturday. I think my plans for this week will be an easy hour run on Monday, intervals on Tuesday, lifting and an easy hour on Wednesday, and then an easy 45 minute run on Thursday. After that, I'll rest until Saturday afternoon, when I start pacing.

Well, time to start the grill and cook dinner in the rain.

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