Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's only money.

My tractor died last night while mowing. The new part was $55.

My car got hit and I'm still hoping it will cost me nothing other than inconvenience, but it's not fixed yet. I have to fill out a heinous multi-page accident report for the state.

My running shoes for road training are shot. A call to Road Runner Sports just cost me $266 (3 pairs of shoes).

My driveway needs some repairs before the snow flies. I'm afraid to even get the cost estimate.

I need new snow tires for my car.

We have 8 cords of firewood on order ($1600+)

The side of grass-fed beef I bought last summer is about gone, and it's time to order another, despite a 10% price increase. I guess grass growing in the sun costs more this year.

My son needs new skis sometime this fall.

I think I need a 3rd job or a change in lifestyle.

Hey, but gas is under $4/gallon - only about 2.7 times the price we paid when Chucklehead took office.


Tania said...

I have an idea - skip the grass fed beef and go to costco, they sell great steaks. They might even have tires and running shoes. HEHEHEHE....I crack myself up.

Damon said...

Costco? I'd rather eat the grass from my yard directly and run to work barefoot.