Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to the gym

Until yesterday, I hadn't lifted in almost 3 weeks. I'm planning on going through a new series of workouts from The New Rules of Lifting over the next couple months. But, having not lifted for a while, I decided to take it easy yesterday, using the "Break-in" workouts from NROL. My son and I did the same workout last night, although with different weights.

He really struggled with form on squats and I'm sure he'll struggle with deadlifts tomorrow as well. But, we got through the workout OK - squats, lunges, 2-point DB rows, push-ups and Swiss ball crunches. I kept the weight low on all of the lifts and I'm still a bit sore today. I'll stick with the break-in workouts this week and next, so I'm not too beat up when I pace at the Vermont 100. After the 100, I'll get back to harder gym workouts.

My son was complaining that lunges were tough last night because his quads were sore from the 100 meter repeats the day before. Last year, about three days into soccer season, he could barely walk down stairs because his quads were so sore. Hopefully, we'll fix that with his workouts this summer.

After the workout, we went for a swim and then met my wife and daughter and went out for dinner.

Today's forecast includes significant thunderstorms, so my track workout might get moved indoors to the treadmill. Even if I can run outside, it's not going to be much fun - very hot and humid and the air quality is very poor right now.

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