Monday, July 21, 2008

40,000 Miles and brief VT100 mention

Sometime on Saturday evening, if my record-keeping is accurate, I passed the 40,000 mile lifetime mark while pacing at the VT100. I started keeping records on 4/1/1985.

I'll write more about the race and pacing later; today, I'm too busy trying to catch up at work.

The conditions were the toughest I've seen in the 8 years I've either run or paced at the race, although 1999, when I did a triathlon instead, was undoubtedly tougher because of extreme heat and humidity.

Many runners failed to reach the times they hit last year and the dropout rate was about 35% - higher than normal for the Vermont 100.

It was great to finally meet Jamie Anderson in person, plus I got to see many friends that I don't see often enough.

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