Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back in the saddle

My son got the Aerosmith Guitar Hero recently, and I've been hearing the song named above too much, along with many other Aerosmith songs that I liked a lot until recently.

Anyway, last night, I finally felt recovered from the weekend and whatever had me sick on Monday night. I went to the gym and did deadlifts, step-ups, DB shoulder presses, reverse crunches, and close-grip lat pulldowns. After that, I hopped on the treadmill (it was pouring outside), warmed up, and then did 10 x 100m at 6mpm pace - not too hard, but just enough to loosen up the legs after 30 very slow miles Saturday night.

Today, I had Yasso 800s on the schedule and I had some issues. I'm making a presentation to the Board of Trustees of the hospital where I work tonight. I won't have time to get to the track after that. If I waited until tomorrow, the 800s would mess with my 12-miler on Saturday morning. So, I decided to use my Forerunner and do 6 x 1/2 mile on the road this morning. I prefer to do interval work later in the day, but life doesn't always cooperate. The roas is simply not the same as the track and I knew I'd be a bit slower, especially on rolling terrain, but it's the workout rather than the speed that matters most right now.

I warmed up for a mile and then did the first half. I then walked for one minute and then jogged until it had been 1/4 mile since I'd finished the last one. Then, I did it again. Overall, I ran slower than on the track but I took shorter rest breaks. The good thing is I managed to get in a key workout when it would have been easy to skip it or do something easy. I averaged just under 3:30 for the six repeats - definitely slower than last week

Tomorrow is a bodyweight day at the gym, where I'll do 10-50 reps of each of the following exercises:

Prisoner Squat
Stability ball leg curl
Stability ball jackknife
Close-grip push-up
Inverted Row
Abmat sit-up

I'll do 500 total reps in the workout.

I'll do an easy 4 miler with the dogs tomorrow night and then a moderate paced 12 early Saturday morning. After that run, I'll board a bus full of Red Sox fans with beer on a trip to Fenway to see the hated Yankees. Sorry Jamie, I'm going to keep my tickets to this one. I haven't seen the Yankees play at Fenway since September of 1986.

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David Ray said...

Enjoy the game. We saw Fever Pitch recently. Go Sox.