Saturday, June 28, 2008

Decisions, decisions

So, what to do today? After sleeping in and having a little bit of coffee, we had to decide between going back to the Bay area or staying in the Tahoe area. In the Bay area, we would visit with friends and maybe go to a wine tasting.

In Tahoe, I was thinking about doing the first climb on the WS course, my wife suggested rafting on the Truckee and we discussed having dinner at a restaurant called Wolfdales, a restaurant that was pretty amazing about 20 years ago, when we last ate there.

Tough choices. It turns out that we can't find out if Wolfdales has tables until after 3:00. So, we extended our hotel room for a night. I think I'll go for a run. We'll stay here for one more day at least.

If I was running, I'd probably be heading to Duncan Canyon right now. I'll probably spend some time today thinking about "where I'd be if...". But not too much time.


Speed Racer said...

Damon, I JUST heard (I know, a little behind the times, right?)! I just dropped by to say that I'm sorry that you have to wait ANOTHER year for your WS100 dreams to come true. I know it's been a long process, and that you've had the perfect season. I know that this was supposed to be YOUR year. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope that you get to keep your streak going. Hopefully this time next year you'll be exceeding all your expectations, and then some.

Damon said...

Guess what the cancellation means? I'm going to come to Pineland Farms again next year, I'm going to run with you for a while, and I'm going to talk to you obsessively about never finishing Western States.

I'm enjoying the story of your bike riding journey.