Monday, July 28, 2008

Workout and anger management

My workout this morning was great. I had forgotten that it was upper body only - six different lifts, in 3 supersets, doing 5x5 of each lift. There is a long break (90 seconds) between sets, so it's lift hard, rest a lot, repeat. My legs should be fine for an easy run tonight and speedwork tomorrow.

Anger management: I'm furious right this minute. I'm so angry my hands are shaking somewhat. Yesterday afternoon, I discovered some major damage to my car in the right front quarter panel. From the height of the damage, it looked like an SUV backed into my car.

When we arrived at work on Saturday to catch the bus to the Red Sox game, we parked beside a red SUV. When we got off the bus after the game (we got off last because we were in the back), that car was gone. But, the people who drove the car had been on the bus.

My wife knew who the people were. This morning, I took a walk around our parking lot, looking for the vehicle. I found it and the owners clearly knew they had hit something, because there were marks on their vehicle where they tried to rub off the evidence. I took the parking pass number of that vehicle to HR and they confirmed it was the person my wife said was parked beside us.

So, on Saturday night, these people got off the bus, hit my car hard, and simply took off. Who does stuff like that? It's an employee parking lot, so they had to know they'd hit a co-worker's car. It wasn't even something random in an anonymous parking lot. But, even if it had been anonymous, I would never leave the scene after doing something like that. My car probably has at least $1000 in damage and the other person simply took off.

I asked HR to contact the person because I was so angry about the whole thing. I told HR that I'm going to contact the police by the end of the day and file a hit and run complaint if the responsible party doesn't own up to the damage.

Who would hit the car of someone they know and just quickly drive away? I just don't get it.


Jamie said...

What jerks!!! I was getting mad just reading that! I guess the bright side is you found them. Give'em heck.

Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

The drivers of a large SUV might, in all honesty, not be aware that they had hit something.

Seriously - they may have gotten home and saw damage to their vehicle, and tried to buff it out. THEY may be angry about the whole thing...

Damon said...

I talked to the lady at lunchtime today and she pleaded complete ignorance of anything. She had no idea that she had hit my car or that she had hit anything.

The one thing that bothers me about this is that someone clearly made an attempt to clean up the corner of her car that mangled my car. If no one knew anything about it, why the effort to clean it up?

Jim, while I agree that your first statement might be correct, it doesn't excuse the behavior, IMO. If you drive a large SUV, and you are not aware of what your vehicle is doing, that is an irresponsible way to operate the vehicle. How can anyone justify driving a vehicle that can be operated in a manner that the driver is not aware of what the vehicle is doing?

Tania said...

That is awful....surprised you did not go off on an SUV THAT would have been fun to read.

Seriously that sucks...sorry you had to deal with that.