Thursday, July 24, 2008

Harrisburg Marathon

Before I have a chance to change my mind so I can continue goofing off right through the fall, I just entered the Harrisburg Marathon.

Race entry fees are really out of control when a $45 race seems like a bargain.


ollie said...

You are right about the race entry fees. A local 5K had a 30 dollar day of entry fee; I passed on that to take my family to a small out of town race (40 miles each way) that had a 12 dollar day of race fee.

36 dollars + 8 dollars in gas (I drive a Prius) = 44 dollars, versus 90 dollars.

Jamie said...

Excellent! Awesome man, best of luck with the training.

I thought the same about the fees when I registered for the MDI marathon. Seemed like a bargain until I calculated the time on the course to dollar ratio of the Vermont 100 compared to the MDI Marathon and realized the VT100 was cheaper. Perhaps I'll just run MDI at my 100-mile pace. :-)