Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just another training day

In many ways, training for ultras can get boring. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy the training, at least most of the time. There are the key workouts, and most of them are long runs that happen on weekends for us working stiffs. The rest of the workouts can be pretty mundane - simply accumulating time on the feet (miles) and hopefully, fitness. It's important to do this, but it's about as interesting as spectating at an ultra. Most of the time, nothing of note is really happening. Or at least, it appears that way.

Last night, I ran 4 miles with my dogs. They were in a playful mood, and the pace was all over the place. At times, we were running at a 7:30 pace and at other times, we were doing a 12:00 pace, and stopping to eat grass or roll in mud (the dogs - not me). Overall, it was just under 38 minutes for 4 miles.

This morning, I had to run earlier than usual before an 8:00 meeting. I felt a bit tired, but still ran a hilly 6 miler at 9:45 pace. A month ago, my pace would probably have been closer to 10:30 for this route. Tonight, I'll run another 6, with 2 tempo miles.

Tomorrow, I start my new part-time job, and I need to finish my workout and be showered by 6:45, so I can make the drive to the new office. So, I'll lift very early tomorrow and then do a nice 10 miler along the shore of Lake Champlain after work.

Same old, same old. Run some, lift some, try to eat well, accumulate miles. Do it over a long period of time and with some focus though, and something almost magical can happen with your fitness.

My focus on my diet continues to be very solid. I'm allowing myself one meal per week where I can eat or drink what I want, but every other meal is closely controlled. I forgot to weigh myself this morning, but I believe I'm down to about 185 or so right now.

59 days until showtime...


David Ray said...

And sleep? When does that happen?

That sounds like a tough schedule.

When do you watch American Idol?

Damon said...


I don't watch TV, to be honest. We had a satellite dish years ago and in the summer of 2001, we decided to get rid of it. The kids complained for a while, but they got over it. They still watch DVDs and play video games, but I don't watch TV.

Believe it or not, when it's not ski season, I always feel like I have too much free time. I like to be busy one way or another, so I use my evenings and weekend time to work on my consulting/part-time work or to catch up on reading. I watch movies occasionally, but not that often.

A typical day for me is up at 5:00-5:30, get my stuff ready for work, do a workout, go to work, another workout after work, cook dinner, eat with the family, catch up on reading or computer stuff, listen to first 3 innings or so of the Red Sox game on the radio, and fall asleep by 9:00.

I try to schedule my rest days or free time around yardwork or the kids' athletic events, so I can keep up with other stuff.

I hate to be completely idle. I practically have panic attacks if I don't have something to do.