Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Treadmill repeats

It was pouring when I got off work last night, and to be completely honest, I just didn't feel like running in pouring rain for my planned 5 miler. So, I went to the gym instead and did short, high speed (for me) repeats. Basically, I would run for 30 seconds at a 6:00mpm pace, and then reset the treadmill to 12:00 pace. It took 20 seconds for the treadmill to slow down to that speed. Then, I'd stay at the slow speed for 30 seconds, and then set it for the higher speed. It also took 20 seconds for the thing to speed up that much.

I did 10 quick repeats at 6:00 pace and a total of 3 miles. It was a short, fun workout that was probably more valuable than an easy 5 miler anyway.

This morning, I lifted at the gym. I'm in my 4th week of a 6-week program (Fat Loss 3 from the New Rules of Lifting book), and for the first time since I started this program, I added some weight to some of the lifts. Including warm-ups, I did a total of 100 deadlifts this morning, so I'm sure I'll feel that a bit tomorrow.

I'll finish this program the week before I pace at Massanutten and then move on to a completely different program after that. The next program is designed for building strength rather than for fat loss. So far, I've done mostly fat loss workouts from NROL, but I did one round of hypertrophy workouts as well. This next one will be my first foray into one of the strength programs.

Tonight, I'll do an easy 4-5 miler after work.

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