Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to the gym

I'm glad I read Julie Berg's McNaughton Race Report after I went to the gym this morning. She credited a weekly 2-hour leg session in the gym for part of her strength in the race. She does 210 pounds - 12 sets of 10 - squats. If I tried that, I'd be unable to walk for days, if I could even complete the workout. But, maybe that's why she won at McNaughton over the weekend while nobody is ever looking over their shoulder, wondering if I'm catching up.

Anyway, after a rest day yesterday, I headed back to the gym today for the workout that nearly crippled me last week. It's still a tough workout, but the lifts themselves felt more comfortable today. I was still gasping for air, doing multiple sets without rest, but the lifts themselves seemed better. We'll see how sore I am tomorrow when I try to run tempo after work.

Tonight, I'll do an easy 40-50 minute run after work.

Life is going pretty well right now. Now that I'm not teaching skiing any more, I'm not on our Select Board, and I've wrapped up a consulting contract, I'm down to one job. Most of the winter, I had four different jobs and life was hectic all the time. Yesterday, was a very casual day that included some random Internet surfing, watching a movie (No Country for Old Men - fantastic film), and listening to the Red Sox-Yankees game on radio as I fell asleep.

But, sometime soon, I have a meeting/interview for the next portion of the consulting work I've been doing. If and when that gets started, my free time will be reduced again. But, the extra money certainly comes in handy from that other job.

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ollie said...

Re: No Country For Old Men: I thought about dragging a compressed air tank into my business calculus class; I got perhaps one of the most idiotic questions asked today. Mind you, the question asker was someone who was actually paying attention.

The question: I talked about radioactive decay and carbon dating and one student asked if this had anything to do with the expiration date of milk. No, this was not a sassy sarcastic question.

BTW, I read Julie's report as well. She is one tough woman.