Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday, after lifting in the morning, I took the evening off. We took my daughter out for dinner for her 10th birthday, but not before a little bit of excitement. On the way into the driveway after work, I pulled to the side of the road to get the mail, and two wheels of my car immediately sank up to the axles in mud. I thought the worst of Vermont's "mud season" was over, but maybe not.

The car was hopelessly stuck. I tried to call three local garages for a tow out of the mud, but I got no answer. I called one neighbor who I knew could help. He wasn't home. I dialed the number of another neighbor, and as his phone was ringing, I watched him drive slowly past my car and continue on to his house. I called him again a minute later and he was already getting into his truck to come and help me out.

It took some work, and some help from another neighbor, but we finally got my car out of the ditch. Now, I have to hope that I didn't do any real damage to it. Next week, I'm finally getting my snow tires taken off, getting it re-aligned, replacing the sway bars, and doing a few other maintenance items. Maybe at 126K miles, it's time to think about another car, but I really like my WRX, when it's not stuck in the mud.

This morning, I went out for a 4 mile run - 2 miles with each of my dogs. It was the first run of the year for each of them, so we went nice and slow.

I won't do any more workouts before my race on Saturday. Tomorrow, I'll be making a trip to the chiropractor for my normal monthly hip maintenance. The weather looks pretty good for the race on Saturday. Hopefully, I'll be significantly faster than the last time I ran this race and I'll also be faster than my 50K three weeks ago.

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