Thursday, April 10, 2008

I know I've said this before...

I hate Alwyn Cosgrove. In the nicest possible way, of course. He is the creator of the workouts in the New Rules of Lifting book. The workout on Tuesday left me unbelievably sore. I'm sure it was deadlifts off a box that did the most damage. By standing on a box, I was able to drop the bar to the tops of my feet and I really stressed my glutes. They are sore to the touch.

Sitting hurts, and the worst part (avert your eyes if you're too squeamish) is lowering myself or rising from a toilet seat. I think the fact that I have less fat on my ass makes it hurt even more. The muscles are less padded than they've been in the past.

Despite the soreness from the lifting, I ran 12.5 miles yesterday, at a slow pace. I lifted again this morning, so the next round of soreness is no doubt on its way. I'm planning a 90 minute run after a dentist appointment this afternoon, but that one is iffy at the moment.

I think I manage to remain pretty healthy despite my size because I respect when my body needs to rest. It's possible that I need a day off running right now. My 20 miler on Saturday is more important than the miles tonight, so I may choose to skip tonight.

If I do skip running tonight, it will be primarily because of my lifting workouts. I may have to reconsider my lifting options for the next 2 months if lifting is going to cut into my running more than I'm willing to accept.

I've always done best in ultras off relatively high mileage, although some people wouldn't consider my peak mileage very high. I peaked at 330+ miles in a month for Hardrock and Wasatch, which were probably my two best 100s ever.

But, (and I hate to say this, considering one of my readers), I'm starting to wonder if it might make sense to focus on my key workouts - a long run, some hills, some tempo, and cut back on my mid-distance easy-pace days. Yes, Andy, I actually wrote that.

I wish I was capable of lifting hard 3x per week and running 70+ miles per week, but my body doesn't seem to want to do that. Currently, I'm trying to run 60 miles this week while lifting just twice, and that seems questionable.

One thing is certain; if I don't get to the starting line at WS, I won't finish WS.

Oh yeah, enough snow melted that I can now see a small patch of my lawn.

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Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

It's squats that has that effect on me - whenever I reintroduce squats into my workout, I have bathroom troubles; the last six inches of sitdown is all free-fall. I just sort of have to aim, and hope...