Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So much for that theory

I deliberately kept the weights I lifted low yesterday. New routine, lots of sets and reps, and I was concerned about being sore today. I mean, the weights were really low. Deadlifts were 155 instead of 205. Deadlifts on a box were 115. Lunges were 2x25 dumbbells instead of 45s. Dumbbell bench presses were so low I'm surprised I didn't pick up the pink dumbbells.

But, it didn't work. My glutes are sore to the touch today. My pecs are sore. My lats are sore. I can't wait to do tomorrow's workout, which will include 80 reps of assorted squats. I'll need a wheelchair for the weekend, including Saturday's 20 miler.

I got in a great 9.5 mile run after work last night and I ran 10K to work this morning. I'll reverse this morning's run tonight, running back home in the uphill direction. It hurts to sit but not to run, so far at least.

Today, we should see 60F for the first time in a long time.

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