Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hopefully I'm over that

I won't delete yesterday's post, because that was truly how I felt when I wrote it. Today, I'm feeling a lot better and I started the day with a great workout - leg day at the gym. I did squats, deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats and step-ups - 5x5 of each with 90 seconds rest, the last two lifts in a superset. Then, 3x15 of reverse crunches. Ninety seconds seems like too much rest at first, but as each lift progresses, the 90 seconds seemed to get shorter and shorter, as I tried to catch my breath from the previous set.

Tonight, my son's soccer team is required to attend a speech by some sort of motivational speaker. One parent is "required" to attend with the child. I have no idea what would happen if I refused, since I'm not in school anymore myself. They can't suspend me, but I don't want to get my son in trouble either. I'll get in an easy 5 miler after work and then head over to get motivated.

I have to decide what to do for a workout this Saturday. My original thought when I put my marathon schedule together is that last Saturday would be more like a long run than a race in how I approached it and how I'd recover. But, I ran a bit longer than I expected and I ran each leg hard. Because of that, I skipped my repeat 800s on Tuesday and I don't think I'm going to make them up this week. I ran easy yesterday and I'll run easy today. Tomorrow, I'll probably do 8 with 4 MP miles.

Currently, my schedule for Saturday shows 12 with 4 MP miles. But, my mid-week training will be easier than originally scheduled, so I'll probably make Saturday harder. The first option is to simply run long - 22 or so. I have a 5K the next weekend, so I could use a long run. The second option is to still do a marathon pace workout, but maybe do 16 total miles with 8 MP miles. I could do the 8 x 800 workout that I skipped yesterday. Or, I could say that last Saturday was 19.5 miles of racing and I need recovery time, so I should stick with the original workout. I'll probably decide after I run tomorrow night or Friday morning.

I have another tough decision to make this week. College football season is about to start and I bought one of those HD televisions since last season. I haven't had TV stations at my house since 7+ years ago, but I really like watching college football. Watching it in Hi-def could be even better. So, do I want to respond to one of those millions of special offers I get for a satellite dish? I could always do like my friend Jim does and turn it off when football season is over.


David Ray said...

Yes, you should get HD. Better Living Through Television.

Dr. Andy said...

I suppose it would be harsh to point out that while you suck at running, you seem to be quite good at feeling sorry for yourself ;-).

If you are having trouble fitting in mileage and lifting I'd vote against the sattelite dish. When people ask me how I'm able to get my training in, I always ask them how much time they spend watching TV.

OTOH we get over the air Hi-def and the picture is amazing

Dr. X