Thursday, February 21, 2008

Even more sore

On Tuesday morning, when lifting, my squats at 135 pounds felt easier than they had recently. Rather than adding more weight to the bar, I decided to focus on my form, getting really low at the bottom of each squat. Then, I did speed work that night. I was sore yesterday, especially my glutes and upper hamstrings, but figured I'd feel fine by today. But, this morning, it was even worse

I lifted again today and Bulgarian split squats and Romanian deadlifts were especially tough because they hit the glutes that are aching so much right now.

I'll run an easy 4 tonight before a meeting and then 6 tomorrow morning. After that, I hope things work out so that I can run the marathon on Sunday. The weather for the marathon looks perfect - sunny with a high near 32F. If I run this race, it will be my 6th time running it, which will make it my most frequently run marathon. Right now, I've run the Cal International Marathon 5 times and the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club Winter Marathon 5 times each.

With Vermont's Town Meeting Day just around the corner (March 4th), town business is really taking up a lot of time. I had 3 evening meetings this week and I have 4 scheduled for next week. The following week, I have meetings scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, although if I lose my election, that Wednesday's meeting will be my last for a while.


ollie said...

Well Damon, if you were truly "running" for office, you'd have a huge advantage (in most cases). :-)

Damon said...

My opponent is a skinny guy, but he wouldn't have a chance against me in a footrace at any distance.