Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow and more snow

The snow keeps piling up here in Vermont. We had one big storm last week and a couple minor snow "events". Yesterday, it snowed all day while I was skiing. Around lunchtime, the winds picked up and we had a total whiteout for a while.

We may get more than a foot of snow tomorrow night into Wednesday. Then, on Saturday, a big storm is supposed to hit. My mailbox seems to be gone. It's just buried in a snowbank. Every time we use the snow blower, the driveway seems to be just a bit more narrow than it was the day before. Intersections are getting dangerous because the snow banks are so high that people have to creep into the intersection to see if it's safe to pull out. I don't know where the town is going to put the snow from these next two storms; they may have to start trucking it out of town.

The skiing is great, but my wife told me this morning that she's sick of the snow blower.

The snow likely means that I won't be able to do any real trail running in Vermont until May. The high mountain trails probably won't be clear of snow until late May or early June. In some ways, this will probably be perfect training for Western States, where we'll probably have a lot of snow this year as well.

So, for now, I'll enjoy the skiing and continue to spend lots of time on the treadmill. As the days get longer, I'll be able to spend more time on my snowshoes as well.

On another note, this morning, I switched weight workouts. I completed one cycle from the New Rules of Lifting book on Thursday, and then started another this morning. It's similar to the last cycle, but a bit tougher. Losing some weight has certainly helped with a number of bodyweight exercises, especially pull-ups and chin-ups.

Tonight, I'll run for about 90 minutes before a local government meeting. I only got in 43 miles last week instead of 50, so I hope to do more miles this week. I wanted to run after skiing on Saturday, but I was just beat, so I came home and relaxed for the evening instead.

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