Friday, February 15, 2008

Just keep running...

I did six last night after work. Then, I cooked and ate dinner, and then fell asleep while trying to read a magazine. With both my wife and I working on getting into better shape and trying to lose some weight, it was a pretty boring Valentine's Day.

Six more this morning. I'll do six more tonight. Then ski tomorrow. I'll probably run or snowshoe an easy 4 after skiing tomorrow to get over 50 miles for the week. I'll skip a party tomorrow night that will involve unhealthy food and lots of beer.

Nice, steady progress. I'm racking up the miles, doing my lifting, putting in my ski days, and gradually losing weight. As of tomorrow, it's only 19 weeks until Western States and only six weeks until my first race of the year. From that race until I start my taper, the intensity of training will certainly increase.

So far, everything seems to be right on track, but there's a lot of work remaining to be done.

It's all kind of boring right now, but it's the numerous boring choices I make each day that will make the difference at the race.

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