Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time for a recovery week

I've been gradually increasing my workload since the first of the year. Sunday's run was the end of almost 8 weeks of increasing running mileage. This week, we are going to get hit by a major snowstorm that has just started. I've also got 5 town government meetings this week.

It seems like a good time to take a rest week and then resume my mileage build-up next week. It seems like I've been surrounded by sick people for weeks and right after a marathon, even at less than 100% effort, I'm sure I'm at higher risk for getting sick right now.

Last night, I went to the gym, and spent an hour stretching and using my foam roller to massage some tired muscles from Sunday's run.

This morning, I lifted at the gym, but I deliberately dropped the weight on every lift from a week ago. I'll do a walk/run on the treadmill tonight for 45 minutes or so. After that, I'll fit in whatever easy workouts I can manage for the rest of the week.

For some reason, I seem to be fighting some allergy problems right now. I have no idea what could be causing the problems, but it's definitely allergies and not a cold. I've been sneezing a lot and some OTC Claritin has helped.

The snowstorm that has just started looks like it will be our biggest of the season so far. Skiing will be great this weekend, but it's going to be a long time before our trails are runnable here in VT on anything but snowshoes.

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