Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taking it easy?

I think I'm taking it easy. I feel less than 100% right now, so I'm trying to only do one workout per day instead of two, and I'm trying to make them easier than normal.

Last night, I set the treadmill at 3.8mph and at a grade of 5% and started walking. In the third mile, I gradually increased the grade to 15%, and I then stopped after 3 miles.

This morning, I did my scheduled lifting workout, but I dropped the weights on all lifts by about 20%. I typically add a few bodyweight exercises to my scheduled lifting program, but I decided to skip that today as well.

Tonight, I've got another meeting, so I'll skip running completely today. I usually run twice on Fridays, but I'm going to shoot for just once tomorrow.

My poor son, who has been sick a lot this school year, with pneumonia and the flu, among other things, seems to have a cold right now. He's had a tough winter. I can't seem to convince him that his sleep habits and dietary choices are possible factors in his getting sick. He's 14 and doesn't hear very well, it seems. If he's going to pace me the last 6.7 miles at WS, he's got a lot of training to do. He has been planning on going out for the track team this spring, but I'm guessing he'll try to weasel out of it somehow. Practice starts two weeks from Monday.

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