Monday, October 26, 2009

Wet, wet weekend

Friday night, it was raining. Not a lot, but it did rain. And, I was really, really sore. So, I skipped running and my wife and son and I went for groceries and went out for dinner. On the way home, my son wanted to drive, but my wife vetoed his request. It was raining, it was dark, and we were driving on the interstate. Those were all new conditions for my son, and my wife didn't think it made sense for him to drive in those conditions.

Saturday morning, I got up early and did a lifting workout as soon as the gym opened. The weather was amazing; it was just pouring all day. After my workout and a shower, I took my son out driving. We got him some experience in the rain and on the interstate. He was kind of funny because he expected the higher speeds on the interstate to be really exciting, but instead, he found the wide lanes and the fairly straight road somewhat boring.

After our drive, we watched college football for the rest of the day, and we played some chess and cribbage. In the first chess game, my son made one small mistake and I played as flawlessly as I have recently. I beat him easily. In the second game, I was down a few points early, but then took a knight to take the points lead. But, I'd done a castle that had my king in a vulnerable position, and my son noticed it before I did. In two lightning moves, the game was over and my son was beaming.

Sunday, we did some more driving, this time giving my son some experience with studded snow tires. We started out on dirt roads, so he could get a feel for the tires, and then took them onto pavement. Overall, we spent a good 90 minutes driving. He's really improving and he's finally getting comfortable with manual transmissions. He certainly finds the automatic that he drives in Drivers' Ed at school to be easier, but he is starting to understand the fun side of a sporty car with a manual transmission.

My wife ended up running a few miles yesterday, but I took a scheduled rest day, even though I'd already taken an unscheduled rest day on Friday. Tonight, I'll lift after work and tomorrow, I'll run.

I really need to start increasing my running miles rather than goofing off so much.

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