Monday, October 12, 2009

A man's got to know his limitations

No, I didn't spend the weekend watching Dirty Harry movies. But, Harry Callahan did utter those words about limitations in Magnum Force, one of the Dirty Harry movies.

On Wednesday night, I ran hard just like the doc suggested. On Thursday, I did a hard leg day in the gym. And on Friday, I did an upper body lifting workout. I was glad it was an upper body day because my legs were just beat from Wednesday and Thursday.

Regretfully, that tiredness lasted into Saturday and I only ran for an hour instead of the longer run I'd planned. My left hamstring and knee were both complaining even for that shorter run. So, an easy day was a good idea.

We had a busy weekend planned anyway, so a short run worked out well. My wife was the coordinator for a 300 person awards banquet for the hospital where she works (and I used to work). She was busy with that for most of the day, so I spent the day with the kids, and then got them a pizza before I headed to the party. My wife did a great job and the party turned out very well.

After the party, we went to the house of some friends and hung out there until almost 3:00 a.m. We were exhausted yesterday, and we had plans again. We needed to get our kids their ski equipment for the coming season. My son needs to have his equipment by Saturday so that it can be safety checked at the mountain this coming weekend.

So, we headed off to the ski shop in the early afternoon and got the kids their gear. I also took my ski boot footbeds (sort of like an orthotic device for ski boots, but with a slightly different function) and ski socks with me. I wanted to try on some ski boots that I'd been thinking about buying and I wanted to try them on exactly the way I'd ski in them. My second fitting confirmed that the boot is a great fit for me, so I decided I wanted to buy them. But, someone at this shop had told me recently that they don't do "pro form" pricing, which is how instructors and patrollers usually buy equipment at discount prices. So, I asked the woman doing the fitting if they had any wiggle room on the price, given that I'm an instructor. I told her that I like their ski shop and I'd rather buy from them, but not at a price way above the pro form price. She told me that they would just do a pro form for me. Apparently, the previous guy I talked to didn't know the shop did pro form deals. So, I'll get my new boots in a couple weeks - hopefully before it's time to start skiing. And, I'll get them at a good price.

We are going to have some accumulating snow tonight, so ski season must be getting close. The mountain is hoping to open on November 21st, but other mountains may open before then. I've skied in Vermont in the first week of November and I think my wife and son skied in October a few years ago.

Hopefully my hamstring will continue to improve. Skiing moguls would be tough right now.


Jamie said...

Ah, ski season! Do you XC ski at all? If so, we should meet up sometime this winter and hit some trails.

Damon said...

I sold my skate skis a few years ago because the trails I have to use aren't groomed well enough for skate skiing. But, I still have a set of Karhu Kodiaks and I get out on them a few times a year. I'm a slogger on XC skis though. When we lived in Alaska, the city kept the trails groomed to perfection all winter and skate skiing was awesome there.

Speed Racer said...

Hooray for cheap gear. Boo for snow coming soon.