Thursday, October 1, 2009


Not much of it, but I saw some snow in the Worcester Range as I drove to work today. I imagine there is more snow up there in the mountains, but the higher peaks were obscured in clouds this morning.

Last night, I ran a hilly five miler, pushing the pace a little, but not too much. I still hate my wonky hamstring. I think that my Monday lifting workout is irritating the hamstring and that's making my Wednesday runs a bit tougher.

Tonight is a leg night at the gym and I'll do arms tomorrow morning. Then, on Saturday, I'm going to pin on a race number.

The current forecast for Saturday morning is torrential rain, cold temps, possible snow at higher elevations, and maybe some thunder and lightning. That should be about perfect for this race. Actually, if we have thunder and lightning, they may delay or cancel the race because they won't be able to run the chairlift to get people off the mountain quickly if needed. We'll see.

It looks like it will still be raining for my wife's half marathon on Sunday morning as well.

Today, two of my fingers are feeling a bit numb from guitar practice. But, I'm getting better at the changes between E7, A7, and B7, and my wife said my playing last night almost sounded like music. Progress!

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