Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not a whole lot to say today, but snow made the morning exciting

This is my car after I drove it a few miles to a coffee shop to work. Normally, on Tuesdays, I drive just over 60 miles to my office, but the roads were slick and I have soft-rubber, summer-only tires on my car until next week. Working in town was much safer.

Yesterday was a complete washout from a workout perspective. I stayed up too late both days on the weekend and by the time I was done working last night, I was ready for bed. I made a quick dinner and crawled into bed by about 8:00 or so. After 10+ hours of sleep, I'm much better today, and I'm planning to do lower body lifting tonight.

If I can wake up early enough tomorrow, I'll do upper body lifting in the morning and then running at night, after my guitar lesson.


Speed Racer said...

Nooooooo! It's starting!

David Ray said...

I like the buildings in the background! Very quaint looking.

Damon said...

That's just part of the downtown of a sleepy New England village. At the gazebo in the background, we have free concerts once a week during the summer.

Tania said...

How is that guitar...you have not posted much about that. lets see a picture of you jamming on the guitar!

Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

I'm glad Damon posted that picture, no matter how much it hurt me to look at it and remember the first snowfall when I lived in Waterbury.

It stabbed me in my spiritual heart, and now all of my emotional blood is pooled on the metaphorical floor, but it was nice to see.