Monday, October 19, 2009


I tend to draw my motivation to train from specific events. I often joke that I'm a very lazy person who could easily drift away from athletics completely, if I'm not careful.

Right now, I have no events on the horizon. I'm not sure if or when my hamstring will let me return to running at a decent level. I'm enjoying my training in the gym, but I don't compete in lifting. With the recent cold weather and snow, road cycling seems to be about done.

Even my wife, who ran her half marathon recently, seems to be unfocused and unmotivated.

Last week, I lifted twice. I ran zero times. I went out of town for the weekend and I took my running clothes, but running just didn't happen.

I feel like a boat lost at sea, just drifting aimlessly.

As my motivation for training has waned, my motivation to eat well has waned as well.

The food I ate this past weekend is not what I would have eaten two months ago if I'd made the same trip.

I feel fat, unmotivated, injured, and lazy. And that scares me.

I'm in decent shape and I need to get myself re-focused before I'm more fat and less fit. I need to be ready to ski in just a few weeks.


David Ray said...

Do what you love, love what you do. How trite does that sound?

Seriously, I've got events on the calendar that keep me going with something to look forward to. What do you guys do up there in the winter besides ski? Any snowshoe races?

Damon said...

There are some snowshoe races but they are hard to do because they conflict with skiing.

I entered a snowshoe marathon last winter and then got sick the week of the race and didn't compete.

I am focusing on doing what I enjoy the most right now, and with the way my left leg feels most of the time, I'm having more fun in the gym. So, that's where most of my focus is.

Last week was the first week in quite a while where I missed any workouts at all, so it was an unusual week.