Friday, September 19, 2008

I was due, I guess

I've had a really long period of time right now without catching a cold. Last year, I got sick after the VT100, and while I was sick, I ran two tough races that I'd committed to much earlier in the year. Those races were in August, and after they were over, I decided to shut down my season.

Normally, I'll race or at least train hard through the end of October or even mid-November. Then, I take a 6-8 week period of low-volume and low-intensity training, although that break from running coincides with my ramp-up for ski season. Last year, I basically rested from late August through the end of the year. I still ran, but only about 100 miles per month, and with no intensity. Then, on the first of the year, I started training hard for Western States.

That break seemed to help, and I've been pretty healthy all year. Because I never raced longer than 50K this year, I don't feel like I've trashed myself as much as I do some years.

But, for the last two months, I've been training pretty hard. I've been doing consistent speedwork and long runs. I've run hard in two long-distance relays. And yesterday morning when I woke up, I felt like I might be catching a cold. I had a sore throat and felt a bit foggy.

By yesterday afternoon, I was debating whether or not to do my planned run. I ended up doing the run, doing 6x2 minute intervals at about 6:40 pace. This morning, when I woke up, I felt even more run down. So, being the smart guy that I am, I went to the gym to lift. I made it about halfway through my workout and then bailed.

Last weekend was pretty tough - racing 4 times in 24 hours for a total of about 25 miles. I think my body needs some rest, so I'm going to skip tomorrow's 30K. I'm going to sleep in instead. I still have enough time to finish my conditioning for my marathon in 7 weeks. But, if I push too hard now and end up sick for an extended period of time, I may ruin all the hard work I've done for the past couple months.

I'm not very good at resting sometimes, but I think it's time for a few days off.


David Ray said...

Ouch. Hope you're better soon. I'm a ditto on taking rest days. Not my favorite thing. Sounds like the smart move to skip the 30k.

Jamie said...

It's somewhat cliche, but it's always good to listen to your body. Sounds like a smart plan.

Tania said...

Feel better! It is that darn second job. Tell them you quit!