Thursday, September 25, 2008

1/2 mile repeats

I did 9 by 1/2 mile last night, on the roads, using my Forerunner to measure the repeats. It's so much easier doing them this way vs. driving to a faraway track, and then finding out that a football practice or soccer game prevents me from using the track.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed in my times last night, because they were a bit slower than my last set of 1/2 mile repeats. My median time last night was 3:27, and the average was between 3:28 and 3:29. My fastest was 3:18 and my slowest (by far) was 3:53, on a significantly uphill repeat. My second slowest was 3:32.

I'm not sure what to think about the slower time vs. a few weeks ago. In some ways, I was more rested because I took the weekend off. I might also still be feeling some effects from being sick over the weekend, so I'm not going to worry about it too much.

Tonight, after work, I'll run an easy 6-8 miler, depending on how my legs feel. Tomorrow morning, I'll lift and do stair climber intervals. Saturday morning, I'll be doing 22, and I have to start early, so I can finish in time to go to my son's soccer game. It's going to be a very wet run on Saturday if the weather forecasts are correct. Speaking of weather, there are rumors of snow in the mountains next week. It would be fun to hike for some ski turns really early in the year, if I can find the time.

Best of luck to my friends (and occasional readers) who will be running the Great Eastern Endurance Run 100K this weekend. That's a run I'd like to do someday, but it hasn't fit into the schedule yet.

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