Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Better than I thought

I ran an easy 5.5 miles last night and my legs felt better than I expected them to feel. My previous experience in relays has been that racing multiple times leaves me feeling more beat up than if I'd run the same distance as a single race. But, I'm certainly less beat up than if I'd run a marathon. Maybe that ridiculously slow 3rd leg saved me somewhat.

This morning, I did a weight workout and then some stair climber intervals. The weights included incline DB presses, 3-point DB rows, DB Romanian deadlifts, swiss ball crunches, kettlebell swings and step-ups.

Tonight, I'll run easily for an hour, taking it easy. Tomorrow, I'll do another hour of running and I'll add in some sort of intervals or fartlek or tempo work. I want to feel OK in the 30K on Saturday, so I'm not going to push myself too hard between now and then.

When I'm not working out, sleeping, or eating, all my time seems to be going into one of my two jobs. The "second job" is at a major crunch point, and I've been working about 4 hours per evening at that job recently. Hopefully, I'll finish my current task and be past the biggest part of the crunch shortly, which should allow me to have a bit more free time.

This weekend, I'd love to actually sit down and watch some college football for a while, and just relax. I haven't had much of a chance to watch any games so far this season, except the one game I attended.

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