Monday, September 1, 2008

Good workouts

Yesterday, I ran a hilly 7.8 miles, at a very easy effort. Unlike the Sunday before, when I felt really beat up after an intense Saturday workout, I felt pretty good yesterday. It was a beautiful day outside and I really enjoyed the run - just nice easy running on a great day, the first half of the run with my wife.

This morning, I wrapped up the lifting cycle that I've been doing with an upper body day. I did this same cycle last fall and wrapped it up in December. My final weights today were much higher in all six lifts. Some lifts went up only 10 pounds in the past year, but two went up by 30 pounds.

Next Monday, I'll start an entirely new cycle, so I'll probably have some days where I'm sore as I introduce the new lifts to my routine.

The next four days are all about running - 8x800m tomorrow, easier runs the next two days, and then 22 on Friday. After that, I'll take the weekend off, hanging out with my brother in PA for a Penn State football game. I haven't had a day off since 8/17, so I'm about due.

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