Thursday, September 18, 2008

Easy run, harder run

I ran easily for about 50 minutes last night. I was a little bit tired from my workout in the morning, primarily from the stair climber intervals. I hadn't done any cross-training interval work for a while.

After running, I caught the second half of my son's soccer game. He's been fighting another injury after he got knocked over in practice last week. He took a direct shot just below and inside his left kneecap and it's been sore. But, he toughed things out last night and played about half of the game. They were playing a team who had beaten them 3-2 a couple weeks ago, and the boys thought the officials had robbed them in that game. Last night, they got a bit of revenge and they got their first win by a 2-0 score. They have switched goalies and the new goalie appears to be better than the previous goalie. On top of that, the ex-goalie was very athletic last night on offense, so it looks like a good move for the team.

My son is going to see the doctor today, to see if there is any damage to his knee. I think it's just a big-time bruise, but we'll have the doc check it out anyway.

After work today, I'm going to run six miles, with 6 x 2 minute on/2 minute off intervals. With a 30K on Saturday morning, even though I'm not racing it hard, I don't want to do anything too hard tonight. Tomorrow morning, I'll lift but I won't run between tonight's run and the race on Saturday.

I will also visit my chiropractor tomorrow for the first time since mid-June. My mileage was low for quite a while after vacation, and I didn't really feel the need to see him. But, with my miles increasing and lots of quality work recently, it's time for a visit.


Speed Racer said...

OUCH! I hope his knee's alright. I also hope that you didn't voice your opinion about the old goalie to the goalie's parents, or else you might have gotten your own swift kick to the knee :).

Good luck at your race this weekend!

Damon said...

When a team that hasn't won a game all season wins by a shutout, after 8-0 and 9-0 losses recently, I don't think anyone doubts that a goalie switch is needed. Both sets of parents (new goalie, old goalie) seemed quite happy last night.